Total human development with appropriate competencies



A premier and globally-competitive university



Provide relevant quality instruction, research, and extension



To lead in transforming human resources into self-reliant citizens and responsible leaders



To develop locally-responsive and globally-adaptive leaders,and professionals imbued with desirable values who shall contribute in community development



To provide high-quality professional learning opportunities and services in instruction, research, and extension that are accessible, affordable, relevant, and responsive to local and global needs



Excellence.Scholarship.Service. Professionalism



Doctor of Philosophy

1. Provision of continuing and advanced professional development for MA/MS graduates, high-level administrators, and teachers imbued with the Filipino culture and values and adaptive in a global society.

 2. Institution of leadership in the field of education and administration for the development of quality human force in the service area and the country.

3. Development in the human resource the culture of research, development, and extension service (RDE).


Master of Arts/Science

1. Provision of advance development of school administrators, curriculum specialists, pedagogy experts, and other highly-motivated professionals instilled with the Filipino culture and values and responsive to globalization and change.

 2. Demonstration of understanding of theories and concepts in the professions through the development and use of management approaches, models, strategies, and techniques.

3. Promotion of knowledge, skills, and attitudes in research, development, and extension that benefit the service communities and other clienteles. 

Doctor of Philosophy in Science Education

 1. To empower science educators with knowledge, processes/skills, attitudes, and values to adapt with the fast changes in science and technology.

 2. To produce science educators who could institute effective management and governance of science programs and develop a dynamic science and technology culture for Filipinos.

3. To develop the skills and capabilities of science educators in implementing research, extension, and developmental activities.


Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics Education

 1. To produce globally competitive mathematics teachers equipped with knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values needed to respond to the demands of a rapidly changing society.

2. To provide leadership in the region and serve as a laboratory of innovative mathematics instruction.

3. To enhance the research, development, and extension capabilities of the graduate students in order to generate knowledge and help uplift the quality of life in the service communities.

 Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Administration

1. To enhance the capability and values of high level school administrators and other professionals towards sustaining quality governance and administration amidst the increasing complexity of managing agencies/organizations.

2. To serve as a laboratory of innovations in governance and management and produce leaders in education and other fields of administration.

3. To engage in research, development, and extension service towards improving the quality of organizations and the quality of life in communities.

 Master of Arts in Science Education

 1. To equip graduate students with science concepts, processes, skills, and values necessary for better instructional delivery and management of people and environment.

 2. To produce scientifically literate citizens, and leaders who use the achievements of science for the benefit of mankind.

3. To provide knowledge, skills, and competence in science education specifically for teaching, research, and extension/community service.


Master of Arts in Mathematics Education

1. To produce committed mathematics teachers equipped with mathematical knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values relevant in the improvement of the quality of human life.

 2. To develop scholars, researchers, and leaders committed in the development of Mathematics education.

3. To produce students who assume responsibilities in contributing to social transformation through research and extension.


Master of Arts in Educational Management

1. To provide advanced training to educational managers who have the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values and are responsive to the changing needs of the education sector.

2. To produce school administrators who possess vision, leadership skills, and competencies towards effective management of educational institutions and programs.

3. To equip the professional with research and extension skills that would enable him to improve educational practice and management.


Master of Arts in Guidance and Counseling

1. To enhance knowledge, skills, and practices in the use of appropriate tools and techniques towards understanding human weaknesses and making sound judgments and decisions in guidance and counselling.

2. To develop guidance counsellors who have leadership skills in instituting relevant guidance and counselling programs that would improve the quality of human life.

3. To train students to conduct researches that would improve guidance and counselling practices/outputs and extend services that benefit communities.

Master of Arts in Special Education

1.  To provide advanced knowledge and skills needed in identifying different categories of exceptionalities and in applying appropriate measures of intervention.

2.  To produce teachers and leaders capable of designing and implementing SPED programs and projects in collaboration with other agencies and advocacy groups.

3.  To promote trainings, research, and extension activities along the field of specialization that empower the service communities and target clienteles.


Master of Arts in Language Teaching

  1. To equip the language teacher with knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values as well as pedagogical approaches, techniques, and materials to better respond to the local and global needs of learners.
  2. To develop language teachers’ classroom management techniques as well as their skills in designing and managing language programs.
  3. To develop the language teachers’ capability in conducting researches and extension activities that benefit service communities.

Master of Arts in Teaching Music

1. To strengthen the professional’s cultural background and appreciation of the arts that intensifies passion for music education.

2. To develop instructional skills and competencies in the professional as well as leadership qualities that will upgrade music education in the respective communities.

3. To deepen the professional’s enthusiasm in producing creative works, and conducting research and extension activities along music education.


Master of Arts in Physical Education

1. To enhance the leadership capabilities, teaching skills, and knowledge of Physical Education teachers in conducting and organizing physical education and sports activities.

2. To develop top-level and competent physical education coordinators, supervisors, sports managers, and other sports professionals.

3. To contribute in promoting and upgrading sports and physical education in the region and the country through the conduct of relevant research, development, and extension activities.


Master in Development Administration

1.  To develop the technical and professional capability, competence, skills, and values of leaders and workers in translating broad national development policies into planning, implementing, and managing specific programs and projects.

 2. To provide leadership in the region and develop models, programs, policies, strategies, and other innovations on administration for quality service delivery.

3.To build up the professional’s research and extension capabilities and skills in the management, translation, and packaging of policies and technologies.

Master of Arts in Teaching Home Economics

1. To equip the graduate students with various competencies, values, and skills, as well as well instructional methods, techniques, and technologies that contribute to effective teaching and learning.

2. To provide functional and practical assistance to graduate students and other clienteles in their operations, planning, and implementation of instructional programs/activities and management of small business enterprises.

3. To solve various problems in home economics including HE administration and supervision through research and extension activities.


Master of Arts in Human Resource Development and Planning

1.To provide for a quality, relevant, and effective graduate program that promote national identity, cultural consciousness, moral integrity, and spiritual grounding.

2. To develop competent professional human resource officers and leaders who contribute to national and regional development.

3. To engage in research and development as well as extension/community service in order to respond effectively to the needs of people and improve the quality of human life.


Master/Master of Science in Biology

 1. To develop critical thinking and independent research skills towards the advancement of knowledge in biology.

 2. To provide professional leadership in specialized areas of biology.


3. To engage in research, development, and extension activities that contribute in better understanding and improvement of life.

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