About DMMMSU-College of Graduate Studies


Total human development with appropriate competencies


A premier and globally-competitive university


Provide relevant quality instruction, research, and extension


To lead in transforming human resources into self-reliant citizens and responsible leaders


To develop locally-responsive and globally-adaptive leaders,and professionals imbued with desirable values who shall contribute in community development


To provide high-quality professional learning opportunities and services in instruction, research, and extension that are accessible, affordable, relevant, and responsive to local and global needs


Excellence.Scholarship.Service. Professionalism

Doctor of Philosophy Objectives

  1. Provision of a continuing and advanced professional development for MA/MS graduates, high-level administrators and teachers with the Filipino Culture and consistent values in a global society of rapid change.
  2. Development in the human resource, the culture of research and development and extension (R & D).
  3. Institution of leadership in the field of education and administration for quality human force in the service area and the country as a whole.

Ph. D. in Science Education

  1. Empower science educators with knowledge, processes/skills, attitudes, and values to cope with the fast changes of science and technology.
  2. Produce science educators who could develop a dynamic science and technology culture for Filipinos.
  3. Provide a development program for graduates of MA in Science Education and similar courses.
  4. Provide science educators the expertise in research strategies and extension skills and approaches.
  5. Provide students with greater awareness and support in science and technology management and governance.

Ph. D. in Educational Administration

  1. Empower high level school managers and other professionals with the necessary knowledge, skills and competence related to administration and to cope with changes and the increasing complexity of managing agencies/organizations.
  2. Retool educators/administrators and professionals in the enhancement of development in the service area, the Region and the country and global community as a whole.
  3. Develop the capability of students in their profession and work directed towards sustaining quality administration within private and public governance/management of institution.
  4. Provide for the continuing faculty and staff development program of the University and other educational institution a course to equip educators, administrators, and other professionals with recent trends and innovations in educations.
  5. Promote research strategies, community extension and innovative skills and approaches to administrators, leaders and teachers for effective and quality services.
  6. Develop leadership in educational and other fields of administration, particularly in the students’ area of concern, research and extension/community services.

Ph. D. in Mathematics Education

  1. Produce globally competitive mathematics teachers equipped with knowledge, skills, attitudes and values needed in response to the demands of a rapidly changing society.
  2. Help uplift the quality of life in the community through its extension activities.
  3. Verify or expand existing knowledge and find answers to problem through its research activities.
  4. Serve as laboratory for the production of instructional materials and educational media for mathematics instruction.
  5. Provide a professional development program for graduates of MA in Mathematics Education and other similar courses.

Master of Arts Objectives

  1. Provision of advanced professional training and experience to teachers and administrators consistent with the Filipino culture and values in a global society of rapid change.
  2. Development of instructional strategies appropriate for the total development of the Filipino youth
  3. Development of educators and teachers on indigenous Filipino administrative processes and management tools designed to improve quality education.
  4. Promotion and provision of knowledge, attitude and skills in research and extension within strategies and approaches effective to the clienteles or end-users.

Master of Arts in Science Education

  1. To produce and empower scientifically literate citizens.
  2. To enable graduate students to use science concept, process, skills and values in making everyday decisions as they interact with other people and their environment; distinguish scientific evidence from personal opinions; use the achievements of science for the benefit and not for the destruction of mankind.
  3. To provide the needed knowledge and skills and competence in science education specifically for teaching, research and extension/community service.

Master of Arts in Educational Management

  1. To develop high level of professional or human resource with the necessary skills and competence related to educational management to enhance the development of the service area, Region and the country as a whole.
  2. To provide advanced education to develop the teachers in the field.
  3. To equip teachers with the knowledge, skills and attitudes for promotion and advancement.
  4. To address educational problems in the service area, and the Region through appropriate relevant and effective research and development and extension/community services.
  5. To develop leadership in the field of education particularly teaching management, research and extensional community service.

Master of Arts in Guidance and Counseling

  1. To enhance students’ awareness on his beliefs, reactions, feelings and biases and manifest a positive trusts for growth.
  2. To prepare and develop students to promote human development through decision-making skills, counseling techniques and strategies, psychological tests, group dynamics, and other remediation techniques.
  3. To demonstrate competency in the use of appropriate appraisal instrument and/or techniques and approaches in order to help people alter their adaptive behavior and to translate their problems into goals to find better adjustment and self-realization.
  4. To enable the students to conduct action researches in order for them to improve their approaches in guidance and counseling can be a basis for reaching out students.

Master of Arts in Language Teaching

  1. Exposed to the present theoretical framework and issues in language teaching and bilingualism.
  2. Equipped with the tools of effective language teaching in terms of research and strategies.
  3. Provided with a clear perception on how the two languages interplay in our present bilingual set-up.
  4. Trained to prepare instructional materials for Filipino language learners.

Master of Arts in Mathematics Education

  1. To prepare and to develop the researcher, scholar, the teacher and the leader in the field of Mathematics.
  2. To produce an efficient mathematics teacher in the real sense, sufficiently aware of his potential role and commitment in the progress of his chosen field.
  3. To produce students who shall assume major responsibilities in the actual transformation for a better society in order to achieve the optimism of a quality of life.
  4. To develop knowledge and skills in applying basic concepts and principles in mathematics in the improvement of the quality of human life.

Master of Arts in Teaching Music

  1. To develop high level human resource on the highlights and outstanding figures in Music
  2. To strengthen the cultural background and appreciation of the arts, especially Music.
  3. To empower the graduate students with the necessary knowledge and techniques in music theory and practice.
  4. To prepare the students to teach Music in the elementary and high school levels.
  5. To provide the students the necessary skills, competence and knowledge to become trainors of either choral and/or instrumental ensembles in all levels of education as well as in other fields.

Master of Arts in Special Education

  1. Contribute to the attainment of the University’s mission and goals especially in its commitment to nation.
  2. Undertake pioneering efforts in the discovery and education of exceptional learners, particularly the bright and the talented.
  3. Work with agencies and advocacy groups oriented to the cause and development of exceptional children and youth.

Master of Arts in Physical Education

  1. To provide opportunities for the teachers in physical education to enrich their leadership capabilities, teaching skills and knowledge in the conduct and organization of physical education and sports activities.
  2. To prepare others for sports related careers in the field other than teaching.
  3. To assist in the national development program of the BPESS of developing top-level or competent physical education coordinator, supervisors and sports managers.

Master of Arts in Teaching Home Economics

  1. To provide functional and practical assistance to HE graduate students in their operations, planning, and instructional programs and activities.
  2. To apply the principles of HE, the various methods and techniques as well as all of the instructional technologies that contribute to an effective teaching-learning process.
  3. To develop occupational skills in practicum, literacy, numeracy, and other cultural programs and activities and apply them in the operation and management of small business enterprises.
  4. To solve various problems in HE administration and supervision and find the possible remedial measures for them.
  5. To produce an enterprising HE professional ready to succeed in any business enterprise in the future.
  6. To train high-level professionals in HE research and extension.

Master of Arts in Human Resource Development and Planning

  1. To retain the nation’s/region/s human resources in the skills required for national and regional development.
  2. To develop the profession that provides leadership for a changing nation.
  3. To provide for a quality, relevant and effective graduate program that promotes national identity, cultural consciousness, moral integrity, and spiritual vigor.
  4. To develop the professional human resource officers that provide quality service for the Region and the nation as well.
  5. To advance and provide the knowledge through research and development as well as extension/community service, to improve the quality of human life, and to respond effectively to societal needs and conditions of people.

Master in Development Administration

  1. Provision of technical and profession capability, competence and skills to leaders and workers in translating broad national development policies into planning specific programs and projects, implementation and management.
  2. Development and provision of innovations for alternative policies and administration for quality service delivery.
  3. Development and building up research and extension capabilities approaches and skills in the management, translation and packaging policies and technologies.
  4. Provision of leadership in the Region’s and globally competitive human resource through quality, yet affordable, instruction, research and extension.


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