Study Load and Attendance/Time Limit for Graduate Students


A maximum of fifteen (15) units every semester and nine (9) units during summer term may be allowed for regular full-time graduate students.
A regular part-time student, with a GPA of 1.24 or better maybe allowed to enroll 12 and 9 units during regular and summer term, respectively.
Attendance. Regular attendance for fifty–four (54) hours per semester/term is required. The student may be dropped from the class for unexcused absences of four (4) meetings.


A candidate for the master’s degree must complete all requirements within seven (7) calendar years while a candidate for doctoral degree is required to finish all the requirements within nine (9) calendar years from the start of the program. This time limit includes all the leaves of absence spent by the concerned students. No extension shall be granted (for students who are enrolled from 2007 onwards). cheap football shirts cheap football shirts sale 2016 cheap football shirts manchester united football shirt child manchester united football shirt sale manchester united football shirt 2016 Arsenal football shirts arsenal football shirts for sale arsenal football shirts personalised cheap football tops football shirts football shirts shop discount football kits cheap football kits football kits