Graduate Studies Faculty


1.     Classification of Faculty

There shall be core faculty members who are to be officially designated as Program Coordinators (PhD., MS/MA programs) and Curriculum Advisers (PhD. Educational Management/ MA Educational Management, etc.). Assignment of core faculty shall be approved by the Office of the President.

Depending on the need, a faculty may be assigned in the CGS as his/her base unit. A CGS core faculty is one who has earned distinction in his field of specialization. This can be manifested in his academic qualifications, professional growth, credibility, and level of experience in the field.

A pool of CGS affiliate faculty shall be identified in the University. They may teach in the CGS depending on the need for their area of specialization as determined by the Dean.

A visiting professor is a non-DMMMSU faculty who is invited to teach in the College of Graduate Studies.

A teaching fellow is one who is enrolled for a postgraduate degree and qualified to teach in the CGS.

 2.     Loading in the College of Graduate Studies

The College of Graduate Studies shall be given priority in the assignment of faculty members every start of the term/semester. Teaching loads may be prepared utilizing the integrated scheduling in accordance with the Updated Workload Guidelines.

A CGS core faculty may teach a maximum of three (3) courses equivalent to 13.5 workload units for the regular term, two (2) courses equivalent to nine (9) workload units for the summer, and may be given teaching assignment/s in the undergraduate in coordination with the Chancellor.

Other assignments may include research, extension, administration, student development services, production, and other quasi-functions.

The Dean shall be given fourteen (14) units as per workload guidelines. The Program Coordinator and Curriculum Adviser shall be given six (6) workload units and three (3) workload units, respectively.

3.     Benefits and Privileges of the CGS Faculty


Based on approved university policies, overload pay shall be given to the CGS faculty with more than eighteen (18) workload units in pure instruction and twenty-one (21) workload units (WLU) based on Article 23.3 of these policies.

Authority to incur overload with pay shall be approved by the University President subject to the review by the CGS Dean, Director of Instruction, and the recommendation of the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

A visiting professor shall be paid per semester/term based on his/her basic salary in his/her mother agency.

For CGS faculty, a maximum overload of six (6) WLU per term/semester may be given and may be compensated in cash or service credit. Only for an extreme case shall an overload of more than six (6) WLU be allowed and upon prior approval of the President. cheap football shirts cheap football shirts sale 2016 cheap football shirts manchester united football shirt child manchester united football shirt sale manchester united football shirt 2016 Arsenal football shirts arsenal football shirts for sale arsenal football shirts personalised cheap football tops football shirts football shirts shop discount football kits cheap football kits football kits