Examinations, Graduation and Other Requirements


1. Qualifying/Proficiency Examination
A Ph. D. student is required to undertake a Qualifying/Proficiency Examination conducted by the GPC (Graduate Program Committee) and coordinated by the Dean after completion of 18 units. Units earned without passing the Qualifying/Proficiency Examination shall be null and void.
The qualifying/proficiency examination includes two phases, namely written and oral. The written examination includes the following areas:
• Language Proficiency
• Mathematics Proficiency
• Reasoning Proficiency
• Research Proficiency
• Specialization Proficiency
The oral examination shall focus on the course work and career goal of the student.

1. Comprehensive Examination
A student enrolled either in the master’s degree or doctorate degree program should obtain a GPA of 1.75 or better to qualify for the comprehensive examination.
After satisfying the course work requirement, the students shall take a written Comprehensive Examination to be given by the GPC. The Comprehensive Examination is intended to test the student’s competence in integrating knowledge on all courses taken. If deemed necessary by the GPC, an oral examination may be administered to supplement the written examination.
To pass the comprehensive examination, a student should get the unanimous vote of the GPC. If one fails, a re-examination may be given within two months. Failure in the second examination shall permanently disqualify the student from the program.
A comprehensive examination shall be scheduled once every semester/term.

2. Thesis /Dissertation
A thesis for the Master of Arts/ Science degree and a dissertation for the Ph. D. degree shall be required for graduation.
Master’s program aims to achieve the following:
a. update and enrich content knowledge;
b. enhance competence to undertake the independent research in an area of specialization including the ability to pose theoretically meaningful problem and hypotheses, gather and analyze data, and communicate the results and theoretical and practical implications of the research to diverse audiences.

Doctoral program aims to develop in students:
a. expert level of theoretical knowledge in an area of specialization;
b. competence to undertake advanced independent research in an area of specialization including the ability to develop specific complex educational/training programs and systems, to evaluate such complex programs and systems, and communicate the results and implications of the research to diverse audiences (CMO 53, s. 2007)
Under special circumstances and upon the approval of the Dean, team research may be undertaken to satisfy the requirement of the thesis/dissertation subject to the following conditions:
• The task of each researcher shall be clearly delineated.
• Appropriate condition, organizational set-up, and general and specific objectives shall be identified.
• A student may be allowed to defend the research proposal after finishing Methods of Research, Statistics, and at least 12 units in the major course for master’s, and 27 units in the doctoral level.

Final Thesis/ Dissertation Examinations
The student candidate is allowed to take the final thesis/dissertation examination after having passed the comprehensive examination and upon completion of the thesis/dissertation with a written certification of the adviser regarding the completeness of the answers to the problems/objectives and a written certification of accuracy of analysis/statistical treatment(s) by a statistician.
A copy of the finally approved/signed proposal by the OrEC and filed in the Office of the Dean shall be the official basis of the problems/objectives and research design.

Upon the dean’s approval of the application for the final examination, the candidate will provide a copy of the thesis/ dissertation to each of the OrEC members at least five (5) workings days before the examination date.
The OrEc shall sit en banc for the final oral examination. Absence of one (1) OrEc member means a re-scheduling of the examination.
Copies of the approved thesis/dissertation shall be submitted to the College of Graduate Studies office in the following forms: six (6) hard bound (HB), two (2) CD-RW and two (2) CD-R. Copies shall be distributed to the following:*
1 HB – Researcher 1 HB – Adviser
2 HB & 1CD-RW- CGS Dean’s Office 2 HB & 2 CD-R – Library
All copies of the HBs and CDs should be submitted not later than two days before the meeting of the CGS Academic Council. The approval sheet should be completely signed by those concerned before the acceptance in the Office of the Dean.


Students who have already graduated or those who wish to transfer to another school must submit a duly accomplished clearance before he/she is allowed to apply for any of the following documents: transcript of records, certificate of good moral character, honorable dismissal and others.
Clearance forms are available at the Office of the Registrar. No student will be issued his/her credentials unless he/she has been cleared of all accountabilities.


Any student wishing to officially withdraw from the University and transfer to another school college or university should be cleared of all liabilities and responsibilities (administrative, academic and financial) in the University.
The necessary documents for withdrawal such as clearance and request for honorable dismissal could be availed from the Office of the Registrar.
A student who has already paid the school fees but intends to withdraw from the University is entitled to a refund of the tuition fees only.


A student shall be recommended for graduation after satisfying all the requirements prescribed in the curriculum.
A graduating student shall apply for graduation within two (2) months after enrolment in his last semester in the University.
At least one (1) month before the end of the semester, the registrar shall post in the Bulletin Board a complete list of candidates for graduation.
No student shall graduate from the University unless he has complied with Section 3.11 of the academic policies and completed at least 50% of the total number of units required in his curriculum in the university.
The date of graduation to be placed in the Diploma and Official Transcript of Records shall be the 16th day after the end of the term.

Basis for Giving Honors
Students who completed their courses with the following Grade Point Average (GPA) computed on the basis of credits, shall graduate with honors to be inscribed in their Diploma and official Transcript of Records.

Meritissimus (Excellent) 1.03 to 1.00
Benemiritus (Very Good) 1.06 to 1.04
Meritus (Good) 1.09 to 1.07
In the computation of the final average of students who are candidates for graduation with honors, rounding off of the final GPA shall not be allowed.
No graduate student shall be given an award with a grade of 1.50 or lower. However, grades in Graduate Seminar and Information Technology Management System (ITMS) are not included in the computation of the GPA.
Candidates for graduation with honors must have completed in the University at least 75% of the total number of academic credits required in the curriculum.
Credits earned from other schools and credited to the enrolled curriculum shall be included in computing the Grade Point Average within the allowable residency period and as prescribed in the curriculum inclusive of the required study load of each term.
Candidates for graduation with honors must have completed the degree program within the minimum prescribed period inclusive of his/her residency in other universities, irrespective of the course enrolled.
Students with failure (including validation)/dropped and/or incomplete marks are disqualified for honors.


A diploma fee shall be charged from each graduating student. The diploma can be claimed from the Registrar’s Office after the presentation of an accomplished clearance.
A second copy of the diploma may be issued upon presentation of an affidavit of lost or presentation of the unclear document.
The transcript of records can be claimed from the Registrar’s Office upon payment of the corresponding fee and the presentation of an accomplished clearance.


Leave of Absence
When a student discontinues temporarily the graduate work, he/she is required to submit a written request for a leave of absence duly recommended by the GPC and the Dean and filed in the Office of the Registrar.

Technical Course Requirement
A student who pursues a technically-oriented degree program (e.g. Agricultural Science and Technology), and whose highest degree earned is not directly related to the degree being applied for shall be required to earn at least twelve (12) units in the undergraduate or master’s level in the specific technical course before one can be allowed to enroll in the major subjects.


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