Credit Equivalency

(BOR No. 2005-27 of April 28, 2005)

To prescribe the standard requirements and guidelines to be observed in accrediting seminars, workshops, trainings, experiences in lieu of subjects/ courses in any graduate program of the university.


1. Seminar-Workshops/Trainings
1.1.1. The organizing agency or sponsoring organization should either be a recognized government agency or an established professional organization.
1.1.2. The seminar-workshop/training applied for should be relevant to a particular subject currently offered at the CGS.
1.1.3. There should be a prior approval from CHED or a recognized agency for accreditation before the conduct of the seminar-workshop/training through a memorandum;
1.1.4. The sub-topics for panel or group discussion should be appropriate for the theme;
1.1.5. The lecturers, resource persons, facilitators, discussants, or panelists must possess the proper educational qualifications to speak largely on their major fields of concentration and conduct the appropriate evaluation;
1.1.6. The schedule of sessions, lectures/programs should indicate the topic, the name of the lecturer, and the number of hours;
1.1.7. The course syllabus will be the basis of evaluation by the Graduate Program Committee.
1.1.8. The student must have an accumulated 54 training hours to qualify for accreditation. In no case should the training be less than eighteen (18) hours;
1.1.9. A maximum of six (6) units shall only be accredited to the program;
1.1.10. Trainings, seminars/workshops should have been taken within three (3) years immediately preceding the accreditation;
1.1.11. Evidence of accomplishment like original certificate and output should be presented.

2. Experiences
2.2.1. Experiences in the following specific areas may be considered for accreditation: Teaching experience Industry experience Research experience Extension activities Entrepreneurial experience Consultancy services Others, as applicable

1.2.2 Graduate of MS/MA related courses directly related to the subject may be considered for accreditation and should be subjected to the approved process.
1.2.3 A student applying for accreditation shall present an authentic (with seal) certificate of employment/service record. An entrepreneur should present a certificate of ownership/license within three years of operation immediately preceding the accreditation.

3. Process of Accreditation

3.1 A bona fide student shall apply for accreditation to the Office of the Dean with the necessary requirements as specified in the criteria of accreditation.
3.2 Referral is given to the Graduate Program Committee composed of the curriculum adviser, professor concerned, one professor in the major subject, and one professor in the core subject.
3.3 The Subject professor will conduct a diagnostic test of which results will be presented to the Graduate Program Committee. The contents of the syllabus will be the basis of the diagnostic test. The diagnostic test shall be administered in all the Graduate Studies Centers.
3.4 The Graduate Program Committee (GPC) en banc shall be responsible for the corresponding grade of the student.

4. Approval of Accreditation
The dean of the college approves as per recommendation of the Graduate Program Committee (GPC) such accreditation applied for on a case-to-case basis.

5. Effectivity Clause
The aforementioned accreditation procedure shall take effect on the first semester of school year 2005-2006. cheap football shirts cheap football shirts sale 2016 cheap football shirts manchester united football shirt child manchester united football shirt sale manchester united football shirt 2016 Arsenal football shirts arsenal football shirts for sale arsenal football shirts personalised cheap football tops football shirts football shirts shop discount football kits cheap football kits football kits