Doctor of Philosophy in Science Education


  1. To empower science educators with knowledge, processes/skills, attitudes, and values to adapt with the fast changes in science and technology.
  2. To produce science educators who could institute effective management and governance of science programs and develop a dynamic science and technology culture for Filipinos.
  3. To develop the skills and capabilities of science educators in implementing research, extension, and developmental activities.


Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics Education


  1. To produce globally competitive mathematics teachers equipped with knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values needed to respond to the demands of a rapidly changing society.
  2. To provide leadership in the region and serve as a laboratory of innovative mathematics instruction.
  3. To enhance the research, development, and extension capabilities of the graduate students in order to generate knowledge and help uplift the quality of life in the service communities.


Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Administration

  1. To enhance the capability and values of high level school administrators and other professionals towards sustaining quality governance and administration amidst the increasing complexity of managing agencies/organizations.
  2.  To serve as a laboratory of innovations in governance and management and produce leaders in education and other fields of administration.
  3. To engage in research, development, and extension service towards improving the quality of organizations and the quality of life in communities.


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  1. Eligio B. Sacayanan says: November 28, 2013

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