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To promote a culture of research in the college, a Graduate Research Colloquium was held last October 17, 2015 at Eriguel Hall,Teachers’ Training Center, Agoo, La Union. The opening program was keynoted by Ms. Kelly Keegan, a US English Language Fellow to DMMMSU sent by the US Department of State as a form of partnership towards instructional capability building and research collaboration. Keegan underscored the importance of research as an activity of the academe.

“I know the travails of conducting research, but this is a necessary activity of a serious graduate program,” she said.

Meanwhile, Dr. Emmanuel J. Songcuan, CGS Dean, emphasized research as a means of advancement.

“A country which will not engage in research will never progress,” he said citing countries which have become progressive because of their investment in research.

He also pointed out the role of universities particularly the graduate school in generating knowledge and technology.

“Universities are defined because of their researches conducted. A university which does not engage in research does not deserve to be called as a university,” he said reiterating CHED’s new system for typologizing higher education institutions.

Songcuan also challenged the idea that not everyone can engage in research.

“If others ask us why we need to conduct research, we say, why not?” he ended nailing the purpose of the event.

The colloquium featured two activities. The first activity is a plenary session conducted as part of the research capability training of faculty and students. It featured topics on identifying researches with high impact and building a strong research framework, research designs, research triangulation techniques, and format for journal publication. Dr. Emmanuel J. Songcuan, Dr. Fe M. Tangalin, and Dr. Diego Waguey served as plenary lecturers.

The second part of the colloquium was a parallel session for the presentation of researches jointly conducted by the faculty and students in the different graduate programs.

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