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Dr. Remedios C. Neroza, Professor V of the College of Graduate Studies, presented her study at the International Journal of Arts and Sciences conference in the American University of Rome on October 28-31, 2014.

Dr. Neroza’s paper was entitled “Guidance Counselors/ Practitioners Characteristics, Skills and Emotional Profile: Basis for a Training Program”.

About the Paper:

Her study dealt on the guidance counselors’ and practitioners’ skills and emotional profile in La Union, Pangasinan and Cordillera Administrative Region.

It involves 111 guidance counselors/practitioners who are mostly young in age with some training in the related field. The study found out that the participants lack counseling and facilitative skills; thus, improvement of their counseling strategies and attitudes are needed.

The study recommended that a training program will be conceptualized to enhance the capabilities and skills of guidance counselors/practitioners.

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