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Research takes a new spin in DMMMSU-College of Graduate Studies with the implementation of an organized research activity for the entire academic community of the college. At the onset of the first semester of school year 2015, the college introduced research to be a joint undertaking conducted by faculty and students targeting the research agenda of the college.

It’s high time research take a center stage in the college,” CGS Dean Emmanuel J. Songcuan said in an interview. “Results of research can feed into instruction and extension,” he added.

Songcuan also mentioned of his vision to turn the graduate college into a research and training institute where each program has an established center actively engaged in training, research, and extension activity.

“The reason for the existence of graduate school is to conduct a research. That should be clear to everyone enrolling in the college,” he emphasized.

The college has set four research thrusts: Education and Technology; Personal Health, Wellness, and Community Development; Stewardship and Social Responsibility; and Cultural Identity and Global Relevance. As a matter of policy, the college has institutionalized research as a regular activity, the outputs of which shall be presented in the end-of-term college colloquium and to be published in the college journal. Researches are presented in parallel sessions and evaluated by panel and given ratings during the colloquium which form part of the grades computed in all the enrolled subjects of the students.

“Students can form groups in their research or can work independently as their option in collaboration with the faculty. We wanted to encourage research as a culture in the college, where faculty members have their respective research projects and the students learning from them through direct participation in the research,” Songcuan explained.

Songcuan also said that with this policy, students will be mentored by experts especially in the new tasks required of teachers in universities and in DepEd for conducting researches.

In the new graduate education system, research is integrated in each subject. Each program has a Research Council which approves the researches that will be conducted by the students aligned with the research agenda and priorities of the college. After polishing the researches during the first five weeks in the college, faculty and students conduct their respective researches and given dedicated time for data-gathering and writing of terminal report until the culmination on the last day of the semester when everyone presents their research output in the research colloquium.

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